Concussion & Concussion Therapy


Concussion is an injury to the brain that may be cause by a blow or bump to the head. It can also be cause by a hit to the body that causes the brain to move rapidly in the skull. Many times with concussion people don’t actually lose consciousness. Even though there are no external signs of concussion there are sequel of symptoms after a concussion. Some of the symptoms are light-headedness, forgetfulness and headache.  Many also have lack of coordination and lack of judgment. It can also affect speech and understanding. Moreover people who have had a concussion often times don’t remember the events instantly before and after their concussion.

Concussion and Vision

Many times concussion affects the ocular pathway. It therefore has significant impact on vision and visual processing. At acuity vision care we see many concussion patients. They may have 20/20 vision but have a hard time sounding out the letters. This is in part due to the damage to the visual system. Some visual symptoms of concussion are double vision, blur, and light sensitivity. Other symptoms are lack of accommodation and slow eye movements. Many patients complain about inability to read for more than a few minutes. Most of them are easily overwhelmed by too many visual stimuli.  It can trigger their headache and nausea.


Concussion is a serious form of TBI or traumatic brain injury.  It should not be ignored. It can be mild or severe. However even a mild concussion followed by another concussion can become life threatening. Severity of symptoms depends on severity of concussion.

At Acuity Vision Care our therapists help these patients through a series of eye exercises and practices. They are under close supervision by Dr. Mojallal to guide them through the therapy sessions.

If you or a loved one may be suffering from a concussion please contact us. Let us help you heal from concussion.  Please set up an appointment to See Dr. Mojallal.